From the Chairman (Jan 2021)

Dear Members and Friends of AustCham Macau

Our monthly newsletter “AustCham Macau at a Glance” was launched last month and we received lots of positive feedback from our readers. We will continue to enhance the content and please share your opinions and ideas with us.

The December “Power Hour” was different to our usual format as we thought it would be a great idea to conduct a review on the unforgettable 2020, focusing on three major industries namely Banking, Hospitality and Medicine. I want to take this opportunity to thank Professor Brian Tomlinson and my fellow Board Members Janet McNab and Andrew Scott for all their support and contributions to this event. Furthermore, I would also like to welcome Ms Elizabeth Ward, our new Australian Consul-General for Hong Kong and Macau, and thank her for the preparation of a video about herself and the current consular services available. I look forward to meeting her in person to discuss further collaboration between the Consulate and AustCham Macau.

I am sure that we all have a lot to say when talking about our experiences in 2020 and the significant impact on our daily life. Things that we can normally do like travelling for a vacation or visiting family and friends seems very difficult or impossible at the moment. With advanced technology and changing our lifestyles and expectations, we have learnt our new “normal” just like wearing a facial mask is the same as going out with your smartphone, or even becoming a fashionable accessory.

For most of you and including myself, one of our Christmas/New Year wishes would be to travel aboard freely in 2021. With the great news on COVID-19 vaccines I hope that this increases the chance for us to travel and the pandemic will be under control and over soon. The economic data on December 2020 announced during the first few days of 2021 were promising, but of course we still have a long way to go for a full recovery. Let’s work together for a better 2021.

The Board is finalising the details of our Australian Day Celebration which will be held on 23rd January with more details to be announced soon.

Lastly, please join/renew your membership to support the operations of AustCham Macau. I wish you all a safe, health and prosperous 2021.

Kind Regards
Patrick Liu
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Australian Chamber of Commerce Macau