Corporate Spotlight: DDE Technology

DDE Technology is a provider of cybersecurity and advanced technology solutions, professional services, and advice to companies around the world that operate critical infrastructure in industries including gaming, banking, electricity generation and transmission, oil and gas, mining, water supply and treatment, manufacturing, transportation, building infrastructure and Smart Cities.

Increasingly, the technology systems that underpin the critical infrastructure of the world’s industries are becoming interconnected and this introduces significant risk – both from an internal and external perspective. Coupled with increasing complexity and reliance on external vendors, many companies face heightened risk to their operations through the malicious or inadvertent actions of vendors, other third parties and even their own staff.

DDE Technology is headquartered in Hong Kong with operations in Macau and across Asia, Australia, Europe and the US. DDE Technology works with Executive Management and take a whole-of-company approach to addressing technology risk and understand that effective management of risk involves people, process and technology (often in that order).

DDE Technology manages risk on behalf of their clients by undertaking the role of trusted advisor and implement hardware and software solutions and process redesign that helps safeguard their customers’ assets, operations, revenue and ultimately, reputation.

In Macau, DDE works closely with casinos and other companies to ensure they have the appropriate cybersecurity defenses in place and are compliant with the new Macau Cybersecurity Law. It should be noted that casinos are classified as “critical infrastructure” under this law.

DDE Technology is in the process of establishing a managed security operation centre (SOC) for critical infrastructure based in Hengqin for Macau companies requiring advanced cybersecurity. DDE Technology SOC removes the burden that companies face in staying up-to-date with all the latest security threats and ensures that continuous threat detection and alerting are available to clients as well as timely incident response.

For more information about DDE Technology’s range of technology and cybersecurity services or to discuss the Macau Cybersecurity Law, please contact Mr Stephen Berry (+853 6557 5377 or [email protected]) or visit