From the Chairman (Apr 2021)

Dear Members and Friends of AustCham Macau

I am writing this fifth article for our “AustCham Macau At a Glance” during the weekend, when I was also discussing plans with my family for the upcoming Easter holiday and Ching Ming festival. Easter is a time when we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus from death and all the sacrifices he made for us. Ching Ming is the traditional Chinese time for families to pray and make ritual offerings at the graves of their ancestors. Based on the stronger tourists numbers predictions announced by the Macau Government in recent weeks I hope to see more tourists in the coming week.

The month of March began with the International Women’s Day Fundraising Luncheon co-hosted with BritCham Macau. Over 100 people attended the Luncheon and we raised MOP$40,000 for the Good Sheperd Sisters, a not-for-profit organization which has been putting significant efforts into uplifting the welfare of women and girls, especially those marginalized by society. Sister Rosa of Good Sheperd Sisters said, “Thank you for the amount of funds raised and you all are part of these ongoing efforts”. I would like to specially thank our panelists Christine Choi, Hong Yan Wen, Michele Ho, Juliet Risdon and Janet McNab (Moderator and Director of AustCham Macau) for sharing all their experiences and inspirations. Also, special thanks to our event sponsors BNU, Casa Wing Tai, O Media and St. Regis Macao for all kinds of support and sponsorships for the event. In the end, with BritCham Macau, what a great event we co-organized!

On 17 March, the fifth AustCham Macau General Assembly was held at St. Regis Macao. The Board of Directors presented a report on the 2020 financial year and 2021 budget, which were unanimously approved by members. I would also like to take this opportunity to inform our members that the current term for all three governing bodies (General Assembly, Board of Directors and Supervisory Board) of AustCham Macau finishes by the end of March 2022. If you are interested in leading the future development of AustCham Macau, please consider to become a key member of AustCham Macau. Further details will be announced by the end of this year.

On 24 March, AustCham Macau held its ninth Power Hour and it was great to have Professor Brian Tomlinson of the Faculty of Medicine of the Macau University of Science and Technology delivering an informative presentation which provided us with much useful information and cleared up some misunderstandings and myths regarding COVID-19 and its vaccines. Personally, I believe the overall purpose of the vaccines is good for us, not only to protect ourselves and those we care about, but it will also allow Macau to open it borders to tourists again. I do miss the time when Macau streets were crowded with tourists and was Macau was considered a favorite travelling destination.

On 25 April, we will gather to commemorate the members of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who served and died in the Gallipoli Campaign during the First World War, and wars and military actions since. Their bravery and sacrifices will never be forgotten. For this edition, Samantha Birkwood and Sir Billy Chan (Director of AustCham Macau) wrote great articles about ANZAC Day. Stories should not be untold and forgotten. AustCham Macau will continue to organize the Dawn Service at Taipa House. More details will be announced soon.

Please join me to celebrate and welcome the following new members to AustCham Macau:-


Catherine Clarke, Elsa Keen, Graeme Croft, Peter Verey, Roger Lienhard and Tomos Griffiths.


EvenTour and Goodees

Lastly, we need your support on the operations of AustCham Macau so please join us or renew your membership today.

Kind Regards
Patrick Liu
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Australian Chamber of Commerce Macau