From the Chair (Sept 2022)

I am so pleased that things are getting back to some sort of normality. I trust that you are all safe and have navigated your way through the pandemic and lockdowns and come out of it still smiling.  We at Austcham have been working to set up the balance of year events. We have Michelle Garnaut speaking at our September Power Hour. The Founder of M on the Bund and a super power not only in the area of food and beverage but in what she contributes to the communicate and into developing women. We are so lucky to have her speak.

As we move into October keep an eye out for MOVEMBER.  Generally there is a lot of time spent on promoting Women’s Health which I am very much in favour of. Conversely it is just as important for men and MOVEMBER brings forward the good health recommendations for men. This campaign which will run over a couple of months will host a series of lunches, trivia nights and a fun run with ARTM Charity. Our aim to raise fun for men’s health and to support ARTM in its charity goals. This is the first of such a campaign in Macao and we at AustCham are delighted to bring it to you.

The death of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth was definitely a moment in time that all of us in the Commonwealth watched. It will be interesting to watch King Charles III and also how the rest of the Commonwealth Nations adapt to the changes.

As we draw a close to the 3rd Quarter of 2022 and start to plan for the tail end of the year, I am excited and full of hope that the balance of this year will be Covid free and we can resume our lives as we once new them.

Take care
Janet McNab
Chair AustCham Macau