AustCham Macau Power Hour 22

Wednesday 24 Aug 2022
18:30 to 19:30

At the August Power Hour, we had the pleasure of having Mr Paul Chong speak to us about WeChat Insights.

Paul is based in Shanghai and is the managing Director of Panmeta, technology and consulting services company that leverages AI and advanced analytics to optimize data management and WeChat engagement.

Paul described WeChat as one of the leading marketing and consumption warfare theaters in China as well as globally for Chinese netizens. People, bots, agencies (of all nature, government, public, private, you name it…), influencers, companies, brands, and communities gather and battle in this metaverse to sway decisions and imaginations and drive consumption and consumer loyalty.

WeChat is war…

Paul shared his learnings and insights gathered over many years working with leading western and Chinese brands

His word of wisdom… Focus, know your customers, content should be valuable and easy to understand, pump your customers egos x2, video and live streaming has won, produce more videos and streaming to engage audiences, build hire and develop your influencers and rock stars and track and measure what is and isn’t working

Welcome to the War!