Welcome to the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Macau

AustCham Macau connects the business communities of Macau and Australia, reaching out to Australians and Australian-connected people in Macau. The Chamber is a Macau-registered association and almost all members live in Macau. One of the stated objectives in our Articles of Association is to contribute to the economic and social development of Macau, and to that end we are always looking to deepen links with Macau’s business community and society.

AustCham Macau does not receive any funding from the Australian or Macau governments. The Chamber is funded by membership fees and its event activities.

AustCham Macau has its roots as the Macau Business Network, a committee of the Australian Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong and Macau, which itself was founded over 30 years ago in Hong Kong. After several years as the Macau Business Network, a group of Macau-based Australian business owners and professionals expressed their desire to form their own Chamber, and as a result the Hong Kong and Macau sides of the then combined Chamber amicably chose to head in their own directions.

This led to the official legal formation of AustCham Macau as Macau registered association number 8762 in 2018, with a public launch on Australia Day, 26 January 2019. Since then, AustCham Macau has grown in membership and activities, and typically holds events every few weeks. Two of our major events are an Australia Day BBQ each January and the Anzac Day dawn service on April 25 each year at 5:30am.

Everyone is welcome to join AustCham Macau as there are no particular membership qualifications. Membership of AustCham Macau is very affordable and we have three types of memberships: Corporate, SME and individual.