The Australian Chamber of Commerce Macau promotes economic, commercial, business and person-to-person connections between Australia and Macau.
The Chamber started life as the “Macau Business Network” of the Australian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and Macau. After several years as the Macau Business Network, it was decided to establish a separate Macau Chamber to focus on issues of specific interest to Macau members. At that time AustCham Hong Kong and Macau became AustCham Hong Kong, and the Macau Business Network began the process of establishing a separate AustCham Macau registered under the laws of the Macau SAR. The separation was amicable and AustCham Hong Kong and AustCham Macau have since signed an MoU to co-operate in a number of operational areas including the Greater Bay Area initiative.
The Australian Chamber of Commerce Macau was formally gazetted as Macau SAR Registered Association number 8762 on 20 June 2018, with the following founding members:
  • Mr Michael Keen
  • Mr Liviano Lacchia
  • Mr Patrick Liu
  • Mr Andrew W Scott
  • Mr Michael Usher
The Board would like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of Mr Martin Darveniza, who was a major force in leading the drive for the establishment of AustCham Macau. Sadly, Martin passed away in 2018, just before the official establishment of the Chamber. He is greatly missed by all. The Board would also like to acknowledge the similarly outstanding efforts of Mr Vincent Kelly in the establishment of the Chamber. Vincent is no longer residing in Macau but still remains a great friend to the Chamber.
Our official launch event was on Australia Day, 26 January 2019.