Corporate Spotlight: Vision Entertainment Group

Vision Entertainment Group is a Macau-based enterprise with diversified interests in the services and entertainment industry, providing Data Outsourcing Services, Management Consulting, Operations Management, Logistics, Distribution and Equipment Sales & Leasing.

Vision Entertainment Group has offices in Macau, Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City. Our vision is actively engaged throughout Asia.

Vision Analytics is an outsourcer of data analytical services and data environments to SMEs in need of digital transformation and analytical development brought on by increasingly rapidly moving advances in technology. Due to cost or skill limitations, most SMEs are unable to perform these services themselves, it is here Vision Analytics steps in, helping them gain access to these tools and environments without the headaches.

Vision Analytics takes data from different systems, remove the silos, connects and places it into a single environment within our specifically designed Vision Platform.

Aramont is actively involved in the sale and leasing of casino gaming equipment, appointed as the exclusive distributor of the MLT-One Tablet Gaming System and bringing new innovative gaming products to Asia. In Macau, Aramont’s Logistics arm provides logistics services including  transport, shipping and warehousing.

Solis International specializes in investing and/or managing small to medium scale casino and electronic gaming operations. Solis currently manages around 300 electronic gaming machines in Macau, is in the early phases of a project in Ho Chi Minh City and once refurbishments are complete will manage a mass floor gaming operation in central Manila.