Member Spotlight: Kelly Mu

Kelly Mu is Senior Manager of Surveillance for Sands China Limited and oversees the learning and development strategies for a team of 250+ employees. Kelly began her casino career in Australia in 2004 and moved to Macau in 2008 to broaden her industry experience in integrated resorts, working in Singapore and Hong Kong between 2009 and 2011.

Throughout her 17 year tenure in the casino business, Kelly is recognised as a passionate, driven and innovative professional who leads with conviction. She has successfully executed a diverse range of business strategies in her portfolio which include a bespoke online learning and assessment platform, mentorship programs, sustainable employee engagement schemes and automated business solutions.

Kelly holds a Master of Business Administration and is a certified action learning coach and practitioner. She was also a valued speaker at The International Association of Casino Surveillance in 2018 and recently nominated for the high potential Empowerment program at Macau University of Science and Technology.

When not in the office, Kelly enjoys traveling around the world and exploring Macau with her husband and three children, keeping fit with yoga and pilates as well as developing her personal brand Bizztips which is a social network dedicated to workforce optimisation and entrepreneurship.