From the Chairman (Mar 2021)

Dear Members and Friends of AustCham Macau

I am writing this 4th article for our “AustCham Macau At a Glance” on 26th February, which is also the 15th day according to the Lunar Calendar and it is the day we celebrate with our loved ones (also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day).

I hope you all had a wonderful Lunar New Year Holiday which is one of the most important festivals celebrated in Macau and the Chinese communities around the world. This is a time where families and friends get together, caring about each other and wish everyone “all the best” in the New Lunar Year.

Last week we were happy to have our SME member Samuel Power, CEO of It’s Pure Production Ltd., as the speaker for Power Hour 8. He openly shared with us all the success and challenges his business is facing in Macau. I heard excellent feedback on his presentation, and it is my wish that his business will improve as things getting better.

We have all heard news on the availability of different COVID-19 vaccines in Macau. The first vaccines were shipped in early February and we received our second shipment just a few days ago. I think the vaccines not only allow us to minimise the chance of being infected or suffer symptoms after being infected. I hope to see travel restrictions around the world (or maybe just focusing on the Greater Bay Area and China for the time being) will be lifted as more people are vaccinated. Having said, since I am not an expert on this area and as I do not want to mislead you, AustCham Macau has invited Professor Brian Tomlinson of Faculty of Medicine of Macau University of Science & Technology as our Power Hour 9 speaker to present a topic on “The impact of COVID-19 vaccines and misinformation on treatments”. You should come to find out more yourself.

For the International Women’s Day on 8 March 2021, AustCham Macau and BritCham Macau are celebrating with a Women in Leadership Panel. Let’s hear from women in leadership from various industry sectors in Macau discussing the changes and challenges of operating businesses with the impacts of COVID-19. Proceeds will be donated to the Good Shepherd Sisters to support their work in uplifting the welfare of women and girls, especially those marginalised by society.

On 17 March at St. Regis Macao, AustCham Macau will hold its 5th General Assembly Meeting and notifications including the meeting agenda and relevant information have been sent out to all members. As a member, it is very important to attend this event, where you could find out more about AustCham Macau, including all the activities held in 2020 and our plans for 2021. There will be keys matters to be discussed and approved.

With all the great effort of Sharon Warren (Director and Secretary) and Michael Keen (Director), we celebrate and welcome the following new members to AustCham Macau:-

Vision Technology, DDE Technology, Eventour Macau, Goodees Market and O Media

Individual Members
Dyan Sutton, Ben Goldsworthy, Peter Verey, Catherine Clarke, Graeme Croft, Grant Bowie and Tomos Griffiths

Lastly, we do need your support for the operations of AustCham Macau so please join us or renew your membership today.

Kind regards

Patrick Liu
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Australian Chamber of Commerce Macau